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Our Mission

The mission of the Live.Wag.BARK! Foundation is to educate pet owners, specifically under served communities, on responsible pet ownership. Although there are many organizations helping animals in need, that doesn’t solve the actual problem of overpopulation and animal suffering. 


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

-Nelson Mandela

We believe the best way to educate those without access to resources taking the information to them and be as hands on as possible. By partnering with local animal rescues, city animal control, dog trainers and groomers, we will show pet owners how to build a bond with their pet, understand their behavior and give them tools to help their pet live a long happy and healthy life.

"Changing Pet Owners Into Pet Parents"

Our motto, is our mission condensed into one phrase. We believe there is a difference between a pet owner and a pet parent. 20+ years ago we were all pet owners. As people began to include their pets as members of their family, the terms fur mom, dog dad and fur babies emerged into our vocabulary. 

Instead of refering to our pets as an "owned" object, we want to reference them in a way that shows they are now apart of the family. While educating people on repsonsible pet ownership or should we say parenting, we are also helping them create or build apon their bond with their pet that help them understand why they are a parent instead of an owner. 

As a Pet Parent you are a caregiver or caretaker. You nurture and raise your pet through their life (at least we hope you will have them their entire life). You will sometimes find yourself being overprotective of your pet. You will provide warmth, food and attention to your pet. 


Guess what?

These are all words that the dictionary defines as a Parent. So no longer are you a possesser or an owner, you are a parent.

Welcome to Pethood...

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