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Pet Services

Dog Walking

Volunteers can participate as a dog walker to the communities we service. It is our goal to pair volunteers with families and build a familiar relationship between them and The LWB Foundation. These volunteers include teenagers between the ages of 15-18 years old. Those without transportation can participate in the respective communities if it a part of the program. Teenagers that participate as a dog walkers receive a recommendation and reference for future jobs or college applications.

Dog Grooming

We offer income-based grooming services like bathing, ear cleaning, nail trims, de-matting and hair trims. Pick-up and drop-off service is available for pet parents without transportation or limited availability. 

Sleeping Cat

Dog Training 

By partnering with local dog training companies, The LWB Foundation offers free training evaluations to members of the communities we service. We also teach them basic, positive-reinforcement methods for training their dog. Commands like sit, down and stay can help any family dealing with behavior issues in their dog.

Pet Sitting

Our pet sitting program has helped many pet families. This includes helping families with newborn babies, those that travel often for work or for those going on vacation. All of our pet sitting clients are surrounded by a Foundation volunteer at all times. We operate from the homes of our volunteers. Each pet sitting client is matched with a volunteer that will best fit theirs and the needs of their pet(s). 

This means you don't have to worry about your pet being left alone in a boarding facility. There are care for like family, even when their family is away! Our pet sitting program includes In-home, Out-of-home and the occasional overnight service. From you Beta fish to your x-large dog, we wolcome them into our pet sitting program. 

Pet Addition Consultations

We offer FREE consultations for those needing help deciding how, when and what pet to add to their family. We refer future pet owners to animal shelters, rescues, or reputable dog breeders. We coach them on the potential costs of their future addition and make sure they are ready for the 2-15 year commitment of a pet.

Pet Re-homing Consultations

We offer FREE pet re-homing consultations for families that have entered unfortunate circumstances and cannot keep their pet. The consultation will include a serious of questions that will help the family try find any other solution(s) before confirming to re-homing of their pet. 

If the pet must be re-homed, we will provide them with a list of references for animal shelters and rescues and websites that will allow them to safely transition their pet into the right home. 


Contacts us today to schedule and to see if you're eligible for our income-based services. 

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